Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to Division Street Family Practice. This is for informational purposes only. We closed our clinic in November 2010 due to Dr. Rasor retiring from private practice. If you need to get in touch with the clinic, the following is our current mailing address.
                    Mailing address:     PO Box 803
                                              Beavercreek, OR  97004

                 Email address: (for billing or medical record inquiries)
                 Phone contact:     Traci @ 503-804-4359                    
If you are a pharmacy trying to get a refill for a patient's medication, please contact the patient to find out their current primary care provider. Our old fax #503-655-2399 is no longer valid.

The providers affiliated with our practice at the time of closure were:
                                            William T. Rasor, M.D
                                            Jacqueline Beckwith, M.S.N., F.N.P.
                                            Kori L. Anderson, M.S.N., F.N.P.

If you are in need of records from the above mentioned providers, please forward your request to our custodian of records at the address or fax listed :
                              Providence Medical Group - Dr. Rasor (DSFP)
                                                 4400 NE Halsey Street
                                            Building 1, Suite 286
                                            Portland, OR  97213
                                                      (503) 215-7423 phone
                                            (503) 215-0405 fax

We will keep this site current  on all contact information.

Again, this site is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!!!!!!